Knowledge Flow, 3 (12), 2008 (Topic: Overcoming barriers to Knowledge Management)

[Deutscher Titel: Knowledge Flow, 3 (12), 2008 (Thema: Barrieren des Wissensmanagements überwinden)]

Briefing on KM barriers

  • The American Productivity and Quality Centre has produced this briefing discussing the cultural barriers to sharing knowledge.

Types of barriers
These resources are descriptions of the types of barriers that exist:

  • Cultural barriers in knowledge sharing
  • Individual and social barriers to knowledge transfer
  • Inter- and intra-organisational barriers to sharing knowledge in the extended supply-chain
  • The practice gap: barriers to the diffusion of best practices
  • Knowledge communication problems between experts and decision makers: an overview and classification

Knowledge transfer barriers

  • Process mechanics, barriers and gaps, knowledge generation and transfer
  • Sharing critical ‘know-how’ in TAFE Institutes: benefits and barriers
  • Knowledge transfer and learning: problems of knowledge transfer associated
  • with trying to short-circuit the learning circuit
  • Knowledge transfer: can KM make it happen?

Frameworks for overcoming barriers
The following papers suggest methods for overcoming barriers to KT:

  • Effective knowledge transfer and exchange for nonprofit organizations
  • Knowledge management barriers: an interpretive structural modeling approach
  • Effective knowledge transfer

Key Paper

  • Knowledge transfer and health networks is a literature review covering all aspects of knowledge transfer and highlighting the main barriers to effective knowledge transfer.

Further Resources

  • More resources on barriers to knowledge transfer are available on the Knowledge Management Specialist Library. Use RSSfeeds to keep up to date with new content.

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