KM News & Resources links for 2008-09-15

  • Expert advice and guidance on measuring KM initiatives: Join knowledge measurement experts John Ragsdale, Vice President of Research at the SSPA, and Mark Buckallew, Senior Director of Product Management at InQuira, as they discuss where to begin your KM measurement journey and how you can take KM measurement to the next level.
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  • an enterprise-capable knowledge-sharing system. It is an effective tool for any web community that needs to capture and share information, and is unique in that the knowledgebase grows smarter every time it’s used. It only knows what you teach it, but it’s very easy to teach.
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  • an open-source ontology management infrastructure targeted for business applications. It includes a comprehensive tool suite allowing easy ontology creation and management and provides a framework for building ontology-based applications. An important focus of KAON is scalable and efficient reasoning with ontologies.
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  • Wiki-Lexikon des Deutschen Bildungsservers, einer Wikipedia-Fork mit Fokus auf die Bereiche Bildung und P√§dagogik. Das Wiki-Lexikon wendet sich an alle Akteure des Bildungswesens und an die an Bildungsthemen interessierte √Ėffentlichkeit.
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