The need to create value through Knowledge Management

[Deutscher Titel: Die Notwendigkeit durch Wissensmanagement Wert zu schöpfen]

Value creation: the future of knowledge management
The Knowledge Engineering Review , Volume 23, Issue 03, September 2008, pp 283-294

Absract: The paper provides a review of knowledge management (KM) literature with a focus on recent value creation trends of the KM discipline. The review spans a large spectrum of KM research ranging from the ‘soft’ (socio-organizational) to technical dimensions of KM, published in the academic and trade literature. An interpretive stance is adopted so as to provide a holistic understanding and interpretation of organizational KM research and models. Value creation is grounded in the appropriate combination of human network, social capital, intellectual capital, and technology assets, facilitated by a culture of change. It is argued that to be effective organizations need not only to negotiate their migration from a knowledge sharing to a knowledge creation culture, but also to create sustained organizational and societal values. The latter form the foundation of the proposed ‘knowledge value creation’ concept and represent key organizational and societal challenges faced by modern organizations.

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