The transfer of external knowledge for outsourcing work

[Deutscher Titel: Die Übertragung von externem Wissen für die Arbeit bei der Fremdbeschaffung]

Pekka Kess, Kongkiti Phusavat, Margit Torkko, Josu Takala
External knowledge: sharing and transfer for outsourcing relationships
International Journal of Business and Systems Research 2008 – Vol. 2, No.2 pp. 196 – 213

Abstract: This research deals with the transfer of external knowledge for outsourcing work. It is based on the interviews on cases in Finland and Thailand, and is supported by Department of Industrial Works (DIW). The DIW aims to develop policy initiatives for small and medium enterprises or SMEs competitiveness. Initially, external knowledge such as manufacturers’ value is classified into either an explicit or a tacit category. The interviews are conducted. The results are individually illustrated, and grouped into common features; for example, shared databases and staff-exchange programmes. The discussion with DIW representatives shows that the findings are helpful for initiative development.

Keywords: external knowledge; outsourcing; systems view; knowledge sharing; knowledge transfer; Finland; Thailand; small and medium-sized enterprises; SMEs; competitiveness.

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