A holistic view of the Knowledge Management System diffusion in Chinese enterprises with practical implementation guidance

[Deutscher Titel: Eine ganzheitliche Sichtweise auf die Verbreitung von Wissensmanagementsystemen in chinesischen Unternehmen mit praktischen Einf√ľhrungshilfen]

Lee, One-Ki (“Daniel”); Wang, Mo (“Winnie”); Lim, Kai H.; Peng, Zeyu (“Jerry”)
Knowledge Management Systems Diffusion in Chinese Enterprises: A Multistage Approach Using the Technology-Organization-Environment Framework
Journal of Global Information Management, Vol. 17, Issue 1, 2008, 70-84 pages

Description: With the recognition of the importance of organizational knowledge management (KM), researchers have paid increasing attention to knowledge management systems (KMS). However, since most prior studies were conducted in the context of Western societies, we know little about KMS diffusion in other regional contexts. Moreover, even with the increasing recognition of the influence of social factors in KM practices, there is a dearth of studies that examine how unique social cultural factors affect KMS diffusion in specific countries. To fill in this gap, this study develops an integrated framework, with special consideration on the influence of social cultures, to understand KMS diffusion in Chinese enterprises. In our framework, we examine how specific technological, organizational, and social cultural factors can influence the three-stage KMS diffusion process, that is, initiation, adoption, and routinization. This study provides a holistic view of the KMS diffusion in Chinese enterprises with practical guidance for successful KMS implementation.

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