Industry and Higher Education, 22 (5), 2008 (Special issue: Innovation and knowledge transfer: a Chinese perspective)

[Deutscher Titel: Industry and Higher Education, 22 (5), 2008 (Spezialausgabe: Wissen und Innovation: eine chinesische Perspektive)]

Innovation and knowledge transfer: a Chinese perspective: Introduction pp. 273-274(2)
Li, Jun

University-industry collaboration, knowledge management and enterprise innovation performance: An empirical study pp. 275-287(13)
Chen, Jin; Wei, Shiyang

The evolutionary process of secondary innovation in the context of globalization: A case study pp. 289-296(8)
Wu, Xiaobo; Xu, Guannan; Ma, Rufei; Du, Jian

Organizational attributes and learning beyond the boundaries: Comparative case studies of two high-tech firms pp. 297-304(8)
Zhong, Jing; Wu, Sizong; Li, Jun

Enhancing Chinese agribusiness supply chains with Internet technologies: A transnational knowledge transfer approach pp. 305-314(10)
Duan, Yanqing; Bentley, Yongmei; Fu, Zetian; Zografos, Konstantinos; Bemeleit, Boris

Transferring management knowledge in Anglo-Chinese higher education collaboration: Are we speaking the same language? pp. 315-326(12)
Ringwald, Kathryn

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