International Journal of Knowledge Management, 5 (1), 2009

A Model of Interrelationships Among Individual Level Knowledge Management Success Measures 1-16
Muhammed, Shahnaqaz; Doll, William J.; Deng, Xiaodong

Using Agent Based Simulation and Game Theory Analysis to Study Knowledge Flow in Organizations: The KMscape 17-28
Jolly, Richard; Wakeland, Wayne

Organizational Readiness Assessment for Knowledge Management 29-45
Mohammadi, Kaveh; Khanlari, Amir; Sohrabi, Babak

Knowledge Management Toolkit for SMEs 46-60
Fink, Kerstin; Ploder, Christian

A Framework for Managing the Life Cycle of Knowledge in Organizations 60-77
Salisbury, Mark

Social Network Structures for Explicit, Tacit and Potential Knowledge 78-87
Smedlund, Anssi

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