Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 7 (2), 2008

Towards a Model of Transformation: Manager’s Perceptions of Transformation in an E-business Environment 63 – 74
Bruce E. Perrott

The Compilation of Math Pattern for Productivity in Educational Organisations, Service Organisations (Municipalities), and Industrial Organisations Based on Organisational Climate in Iran 75 – 82
Fattah Nazem
Relationship Between Leadership Capability and Knowledge Management: A Measurement Approach  83 – 92
G. Suri Babu; T. Mohana Rao; Salma Ahmed; K. S. Gupta
Personal Knowledge Management: A Study of Knowledge Behaviour of Academicians 93 – 100
Monika Mittal
A Framework for Reusing and Repurposing Knowledge Work in Organisations 101 – 111 
Mark Salisbury
A Framework for Developing and Aligning a Knowledge Management Strategy 113 – 122
Deborah E. Swain; Jean-Pierre Booto Ekionea
The Export Decision and the Cognitive Limitation of the Managers 123 – 133
Valle Santos-Álvarez; Teresa García Merino
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