Journal of Knowledge Management, 12 (5), 2008 (Special issue: Knowledge based development 2008)

[Deutscher Titel: Journal of Knowledge Management, 12 (5), 2008 (Spezial: Wissensbasierte Entwicklung 2008)]

Towards a global knowledge-based development agenda
Francisco Javier Carrillo (pp. 3-7)

  • Keywords: Economic development, Knowledge economy, Research and development
  • ArticleType: Viewpoint

Rising knowledge cities: the role of urban knowledge precincts
Tan Yigitcanlar, Koray Velibeyoglu, Cristina Martinez-Fernandez (pp. 8-20)

  • Keywords: Australia, Knowledge management, Urban areas
  • ArticleType: Research paper

The fallacy of knowledge reuse: building sustainable knowledge[1]
Alex Bennet, David Bennet (pp. 21-33)

  • Keywords: Brain, Knowledge management, Knowledge organizations, Knowledge sharing, Knowledge transfer
  • ArticleType: Conceptual paper

Proximity and knowledge gatekeepers: the case of the Polytechnic University of Turin
Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli (pp. 34-51)

  • Keywords: Knowledge economy, Knowledge management, Knowledge organizations, Knowledge transfer
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Places Rated Almanacs and roll out neoliberalism
Robert J. Rogerson, Remy Tremblay (pp. 52-64)

  • Keywords: Cities, Economic development, Political economy, Population distribution
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Measuring social capital and knowledge networks
Carol Webb (pp. 65-78)

  • Keywords: Cities, Networking, Regional development, Social capital
  • ArticleType: Research paper

The new dimensions of collaboration: mega and intelligent communities, ICT and wellbeing
Katia Passerini, Dezhi Wu (pp. 79-90)

  • Keywords: Cities, Communication technologies, Human capital, Knowledge organizations, Social capital, Sustainable development
  • ArticleType: General review

Global KBD community developments: the MAKCi experience
Blanca C. Garcia (pp. 91-106)

  • Keywords: Cities, Community development, Knowledge management
  • ArticleType: Research paper

A paradigm shift in the Arab region knowledge evolution
Mirghani S. Mohamed, Kevin J. O’Sullivan, Vincent Ribière (pp. 107-120)

  • Keywords: Knowledge management, Leadership, Middle East, Sustainable development
  • ArticleType: Viewpoint

Knowledge-based capital in building regional innovation capacity
Giovanni Schiuma, Antonio Lerro (pp. 121-136)

  • Keywords: Innovation, Knowledge management, Regional development
  • ArticleType: Conceptual paper

Exploring stakeholder knowledge partnerships in a knowledge city: a conceptual model
Kostas Metaxiotis, Kostas Ergazakis (pp. 137-150)

  • Keywords: Cities, Knowledge management, Regional development
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Beyond the digital divide: a conceptual framework for analyzing knowledge societies
Ravi S. Sharma, Elaine W.J. Ng, Mathias Dharmawirya, Chu Keong Lee (pp. 151-164)

  • Keywords: Intellectual capital, Knowledge economy, Knowledge management, Sustainable development
  • ArticleType: Conceptual paper

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