Journal of Knowledge Management, 12 (6), 2008 (Special Issue: Competencies management: integrating semantic web and technology enhanced learning approaches for effective knowledge management)

[Deutscher Titel: Journal of Knowledge Management, 12 (6), 2008 (Spezialausgabe: Kompetenzmanagement: Integration von um semantisches Web und semantischer Technologie erweiterte Lernansätze für ein effektives Wissensmanagement]

Guest editorial
Competencies management: integrating semantic web and technology enhanced learning approaches for effective knowledge management
Miltiadis D. Lytras

Learning processes and processing learning: from organizational needs to learning designs
Ambjörn Naeve, Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Miltiadis D. Lytras (pp. 5-14)

  • Keywords: Competences, Learning, Learning processes, Modelling
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Competencies management and learning organizational memory
Marie-Hélène Abel (pp. 15-30)

  • Keywords: Competences, Memory, Organizational learning
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Modeling competencies for supporting work-integrated learning in knowledge work
Tobias Ley, Armin Ulbrich, Peter Scheir, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt, Barbara Kump, Dietrich Albert (pp. 31-47)

  • Keywords: Competences, Knowledge management, Learning, Workplace learning
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Competencies and human resource management: implications for organizational competitive advantage
Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos, Miltiadis D. Lytras (pp. 48-55)

  • Keywords: Competences, Competitive strategy, Human capital, Human resource management
  • ArticleType: Viewpoint

How to integrate technology-enhanced learning with business process management
Nicola Capuano, Matteo Gaeta, Pierluigi Ritrovato, Saverio Salerno (pp. 56-71)

  • Keywords: Human resource management, Learning, Project management
  • ArticleType: Conceptual paper

An ontology-based competency model for workflow activity assignment policies
A. Macris, E. Papadimitriou, G. Vassilacopoulos (pp. 72-88)

  • Keywords: Competences, Modelling, Training, Work flow
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Development of personalized learning objects for training adult educators of special groups
Maria Pavlis Korres, Elena García-Barriocanal (pp. 89-101)

  • Keywords: Adult education, Customization, E-learning
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Visual ontology alignment for knowledge sharing and reuse
Monika Lanzenberger, Jennifer J. Sampson, Markus Rester, Yannick Naudet, Thibaud Latour (pp. 102-120)

  • Keywords: Audiovisual aids, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing
  • ArticleType: Research paper

A semantic web architecture for integrating competence management and learning paths
Fotis Draganidis, Paraskevi Chamopoulou, Gregoris Mentzas (pp. 121-136)

  • Keywords: Competences, Human resource management
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Predicting web services performance from internet performance: an empirical study of resources and capabilities in e-business SMEs
Brian R. Webb, Frank Schlemmer (pp. 137-155)

  • Keywords: Company performance, Internet, Small to medium-sized enterprises, Worldwide web
  • ArticleType: Research paper

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