KM World Magazine, 17 (9), 2008


The business case for Web 2.0
For the most part, Web 2.0 technologies have been the province of lay users experimenting with informal collaboration. But these tools are now proving useful for many business applications as well…
– by John Harney

ECM: Collaboration rules!
Web 2.0 promises to add value to enterprise content management, particularly in creating a more collaborative workplace…
– by Judith Lamont

Transaction-oriented content: taming ERP
Content flowing in and out of enterprise resource planning systems gets some help…
– by Judith Lamont

KM reaps benefits worldwide for insurers
Knowledge management solutions are being used globally in the insurance industry—in both large companies and small—to simplify research for customer information, to better manage files and to ensure coverage for claims…
– by Phil Britt

Enterprise Content Management: Open Text


IBM launches ECM-wide initiative
e-Discovery goes Big Blue

Robust DM for SMBs
Xerox premiers DocuShare Express

Talisma improves search in V. 8.
Advancing knowledgebase performance

‘Discovering’ Documentum
StoredIQ announces support

Emantix brings value to enterprise content
A meaningful platform


Maps assume enterprise role
Maps have gone from stone to paper, and now from paper to pixels. The Internet has revolutionized the concept of a map—they’re cheap (if not free) and easy to find online, and they are customizable. So not surprisingly, online maps and mapping services are among the most popular applications online. You can find a wide range of features and functions from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo…
– by Stephen E. Arnold

The greening of software
Even software is going green these days…
– by Robert Smallwood

Everything is fragmented—Managed serendipity
Technology developed for one application frequently becomes more useful for something unexpected. It’s called a freeloader in evolutionary psychology…
– by Dave Snowden


The ambiguity of information
We are very confused about the meaning of the word “information.” And that’s for two good reasons…
– by David Weinberger

From The Editor
The truth about SharePoint
– by Hugh McKellar

Future of the Future
The Future of the The Future: What life will be like, starting today
– by Art Murray

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