KM News & Resources links for 2008-10-04

  • The World’s Leading Web 2.0 Resource
    (tags: Journals/Magazines)
  • My list (based on Jeremiah’s) of publicly known “Twitter-like” microsharing tools for internal deployment within companies. I’m keeping it spare to make it easier to update. See Jeremiah’s list of tools for more explanation and descriptions
    (tags: Weblogs Products Links)
  • vermittelt die Kompetenzen, um sich in dieser Medien- und Informationsgesellschaft sachgerecht, selbstbestimmt, kreativ und sozial verantwortlich zu verhalten.
    (tags: Edu_Portals Edu_Consultings Edu_Conferences Edu_Universities)
  • an organisation aimed at promoting knowledge management (KM) initiatives, processes, systems, methods and approaches, as well as the effective use of ICT, in order to enhance sustainable development in Africa.
    (tags: Communities)
  • WikiSym will gather researchers, professionals, writers, scholars and users to share knowledge and experiences on many topics related to wikis and wiki philosophy, ranging from wiki linguistics to graphic visualization in wikis, and from the vast Wikipedia to tiny location-based wikis.
    (tags: Books Conferences Articles)

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