KM News & Resources links for 2008-10-22

  • is dedicated to promoting knowledge sharing and innovation in organizations by helping them to build their capacity to launch and support the growth of learning communities.
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  • The software, which learns by interacting with and being advised by its users, will handle a broad range of interrelated decision-making tasks that have in the past been resistant to automation. A CALO will have the capability to engage in and lead routine tasks, and to assist when the unexpected happens. To focus the research on real problems and ensure the software meets requirements such as privacy, security, and trust, the CALO project researchers themselves are using the technology during its development.
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  • creates a space to explore, clarify, and discuss the emerging social capital marketplace. SCI is an initiative of several social enterprise stakeholders, and together we are tracking the social capital market’s growth, trajectory, variety and market size. We are also collaborating with a growing community of interested stakeholders to increase the knowledge and insight around key questions and performance criteria that drive capital in this emerging marketplace.
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  • New Horizons for Learning has retired. Since 1980, New Horizons for Learning served as a leading-edge resource for educational change by identifying, communicating, and helping to implement successful educational strategies.
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  • die interaktive Plattform des Bundesministeriums für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur für die aktive Medienarbeit an der Schule. Wir bieten Informationen, Lectures, Workshops zu Film & Video, Computer und neuen Medien.
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