Management Learning, 39 (5), 2008

Mark Easterby-Smith, Manuel Graça, Elena Antonacopoulou, and Jason Ferdinand
Absorptive Capacity: A Process Perspective 483-501.

Yiannis Gabriel and Dorothy S. Griffiths
International Learning Groups: Synergies and Dysfunctions 503-518.

Joseph A. Raelin
Emancipatory Discourse and Liberation 519-540.

Peter Massingham
Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Loss: More Than Ripples on a Pond? 541-560.

Hung-Ming Lin and Chin-Chung Tsai
Conceptions of Learning Management among Undergraduate Students in Taiwan 561-578.

Donald Hislop
Conceptualizing Knowledge Work Utilizing Skill and Knowledge-based Concepts: The Case of Some Consultants and Service Engineers 579-596.

Thomas Lans, Harm Biemans, Jos Verstegen, and Martin Mulder
The Influence of the Work Environment on Entrepreneurial Learning of Small-business Owners 597-613.


Roy Stager Jacques
Organizational Knowledge: The Texture of Workplace Learning 615-619.

Wendelin Küpers
Demystifying Organizational Learning 619-625.

Catherine H. Monaghan
Learning and Development for Managers: Perspectives from Research and Practice 625-628.

Jonathan Winterton
Business Research Methods 628-632.

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