Social Media to shorten sales cycles and increase overall sales productivity

[English title: Soziale Medien für das Management des Kunden-Wissens]

Alex Jefferies
Sales 2.0: Social Media for Knowledge Management and Sales Collaboration
Aberdeen Research, Benchmark Report, September 2008

Abstract: As the proliferation of online social media forums has forever changed the way customers gain information and feedback concerning a particular company’s products or services, sales representatives are challenged to sell to a prospect base that potentially knows as much, if not more, about the competitive landscape than the reps themselves. This new sales challenge has caused a number of companies to implement social media solutions within the enterprise as a way to more effectively connect sales representatives to the subject matter experts they seek. In August and September 2008, Aberdeen surveyed over 210 companies to better understand how the use of social media solutions within the sales department contribute to a reduction in the amount of time sales reps spend searching for relevant information. This report examines how top performing companies are using enterprise social media solutions as a way to shorten sales cycles and increase overall sales productivity.

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