A community of practice governance model

[Deutscher Titel: Ein Steuerungsmodell fur Praxisgemeinschaften (Communities of Practice)]

Gilbert Probst, and Stefano Borzillo
Why communities of practice succeed and why they fail
European Management Journal, Volume 26, Issue 5, October 2008, Pages 335-347

Summary: A specific form of intra-organizational networks – a community of practice (COP) – is increasingly regarded as an important structure within organizations. This network structure is well suited for the development and sharing of knowledge and practices across divisions. Our research explores the most salient reasons for the success and failure of such networks. An investigation of 57 COPs from major European and US companies led to the discovery of 10 “commandments” that lead to the successful development and sharing of best practices. It also identified five main reasons for failure.

Keywords: Communities of practice; Intra-organizational network; Governance mechanisms; Best practices; Reasons for failure

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