A practical framework for Information- and Knowledge Management

[Deutscher Titel: Ein praktischer Rahmen für Informations- und Wissensmanagement]

Nelson, K.
Information and Knowledge Management in Business Contexts. A Multi-Method Study.
Vdm Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008. 480 S., ISBN: 978-3-639-05122-3

Abstract: Many approaches seek to facilitate information and knowledge management (IKM) practices within business contexts. These approaches identify organizational factors (e.g. culture or IT) or to suggest management processes (e.g. HRM) that are conducive to IKM.  Existing work has tended to ignore the complexity of organizational contexts and the interdependencies between information and knowledge. This work reports on an interpretive multi-methodological research (MMR) study consisting of three sequential phases: action research, transition and case study. The data arising from the three research phases is synthesized to (1) confirm a suitable referent model on which IKM frameworks can be based and (2) develop a practical IKM framework. The referent model features two established concepts: (a) the domains of IKM activity and (b) double and single loop feedback loops. The practical IKM framework has three dimensions: (i) domains of IKM activity and feedback loops (ii) organizational enablers (iii) project context. This framework will be useful to practitioners needing managing the business environment to ensure success of IKM projects or initiatives.

Author: Karen Nelson, BInfoTech (Hons 1), PhD, MACS(Snr): Following a career in medical research, Karen studied information management at Queensland University of Technology while working as an IT consultant and project manager. She is now an Associate Professor in Information Technology and Director, First Year Experience at QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

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