[Conference] Call for Papers: Knowledge Management Africa 2009, May 2008, Dakar, Senegal

[Deutscher Titel: [Konferenz] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: Knowledge management Afrika, Mai 2009, Dakar, Senegal (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Call for Papers
KM Africa 2009 – 3. Biennial Conference on Knowledge Management in Africa, 4-7th May, 2008, Dakar, Senegal

  • Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2008

Knowledge Management Africa’s Biennial Conferences
Knowledge Management Africa (www.KMAfrica.com) exists to design ongoing knowledge exchange on an African stage in a managed way through structures and platforms created by the participants themselves. Knowledge is a valuable resource that holds the potential for sound governance, socio-economic development and service delivery in Africa. KMA’s goal is to establish knowledge management platforms, create access to and augment existing knowledge networks and forums, and to facilitate the sharing and utilisation of knowledge across the African continent.

The biennial conferences of KMA bring together policy-makers, development institutions, donors, international agencies, academics, sector professionals and civil society organizations for knowledge dissemination and exchange to shape the future of Africa.

CONFERENCE THEME “Knowledge to Reposition Africa in the Global Economy”
Knowledge Management Africa (KMA) invites the submission of papers for its Third Biennial Conference KMA 2009: “Knowledge to Reposition Africa in the Global Economy”. Papers which focus on the application of technologies in addressing the conference theme are strongly encouraged.

Researchers, practitioners, private and public institutions, and civil society organizations seeking to influence the creation of new knowledge communities and networks across political and social borders in the rejuvenation of Africa are invited to participate. High quality submissions on all topics related to ‘Knowledge to Reposition Africa in the Global Economy’ are encouraged. Of particular relevance for the conference will be papers that explore how the application of knowledge management tools and techniques has impacted on development challenges in institutions, communities, civil society or enterprises. Interdisciplinary, applied and theoretical research findings that reflect best practice and lessons learnt relevant to Africa are sought.

Knowledge Management Africa is an initiative that aims to utilise knowledge as a key resource in development, with a view to enhancing governance and service delivery in Africa by establishing KM platforms,creating access to existing networks, and facilitating the sharing and utilisation of knowledge.

On the basis of the broad conference theme statement above, papers and presentations for KMA 2009 are invited within the following key sub-themes:

  • Knowledge management and Economic challenges – this includes issues around banking and finance, agriculture and agro-industry, economic integration, energy, ICT, tourism and transport systems.
  • Knowledge management and Social challenges – this includes education, public health, food security, water supply, employment, gender and youth.
  • Knowledge management and the Environment – this includes climate change, desertification, soil salination, urban waste, air, water and noise pollution.
  • Knowledge management and Governance – this includes KM impacts on service delivery in public sector institutions, in creating opportunities for local engagement in improved conditions for local people, and in dealing with post-conflict situations.
  • Emerging Technologies and innovative schemes – this includes frontier technologies such as Biotechnologies, Nanotechnologies, ICT, etc… together with innovative opportunities such as Techno-Entreprise Incubators, Technopoles, Science and Technology Parks, creatives cities, etc…

The above sub-themes will form ‘tracks’ according to which a number of conference sessions will be organised. Papers dealing with cross cutting issues such as technology, institutional development and capacity building, human resource development, employment, infrastructure and IKS will be absorbed within the appropriate conference sub-themes. Papers focussing on issues that are critical in Africa, such as food security, health, energy and transport, are welcomed. Papers from women and the youth will receive special consideration. Research papers and papers that share practical experience/best practice/lessons learnt are especially invited.

For more information go to the conference website.

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