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[Deutscher Titel: Wissensmanagement 2.0. – kostenloses KMWold web-Seminar]

Knowledge Management 2.0 – A MUST IN 2009

  • TUESDAY NOVEMBER 18TH, 2008, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
  • Moderator: Andy Moore, Publisher KMWorid
  • Presenter: Jim Moliski, Vice President of Enablement Strategies, The SAVO Group

Traditional Knowledge Management was defined by the centralization of documents – the objective was to centralize materials with the hope that people across the organization knew where to look. The problem with this approach?

  • It assumes that everyone has time to navigate through layers of architecture.
  • It assumes documents are the only resources customer- facing people need.
  • It focuses too little on the behaviors that we’re looking to reinforce via Knowledge Management.

Tomorrow’s most competitive organizations are those that have already begun to recognize that Knowledge Management is really an act in Genius Management. Instead of focusing on documents, they are working to harness the right genius from across the organization and provide it to the people who need it most – front-line sales reps.

Join KMWorld & Jim Moliski, Vice President of Enablement Strategies from SAVO to learn why Genius Management is the best strategy ahead for 2009. Learn how top companies, including IBM, Akamai, SPSS and are leading the charge in Genius Management and hear first-hand how they are driving top-line impact by:

  • Arming every rep with the best information to drive the right sales conversations
  • Replicating the best practices of top performers across the sales force
  • Reducing rep prep time and increasing field selling time
  • Allowing salespeople to contribute insights from the field – without administrative burdens
  • Ramping new hires quickly to start closing deals faster

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