KM News & Resources links for 2008-11-07

  • Here at ReadWriteWeb, we’ve talked about how the hot new trend of lifestreaming has been taking off lately. Now the social news service Socialmedian aims to capitalize on that trend by releasing an upgrade to their service that features something they’re calling “news streaming.”
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  • Unternehmen, Organisationen und Verbände aller Bildungsbereiche und Branchen bringen hier ihr gesamtes Fachwissen ein. Im Verband der Bildungswirtschaft bündeln sie ihre Stimmen.
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  • This book explores such questions as: “Are learning communities essential in education?” “How are they designed and developed?” “What difference do they make in learning?” The book contains contributions of educators who share their research and practice in designing and implementing learning communities in school, university, and professional network settings.
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  • eine Software für Wissensmanagement, die Mitarbeitern in Unternehmen jeder Größe dabei hilft, Wissen und Informationen effizienter zu strukturieren, zu aktualisieren und zu verwalten.
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  • This Directory lists (in alphabetical order by Twitter username) learning professionals from both education and corporate training, as well as other related professionals and e-learning products and services on Twitter.
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  • We help business leaders engage their people in strategy, vision, values and change….connecting people through storytelling
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  • Artificial intelligence, knowledge-based system, knowledge acquisition, knowledge capitalization, knowledge management, Knowledge Modelling, corporate memory, explanation, multi-expertise, multi-agents system, conceptual graph, structured document, World Wide Web, XML and Structured Documents, Ontologies, Semantic Web.
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  • We believe that organisational innovation is best served by open-minded and collaborative individuals working in organisations that: Value human beings, Offer environments for enhanced creativity, Support knowledge sharing and the use of new technologies. These are our learning futures: elearning; knowledge management; learning organisations; communities of practice
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