KM News & Resources links for 2008-11-13

  • Wikipedia is made up of people just like you: students, professors, and everyday experts and fans. With about 10,000 articles added to Wikipedia each week, there are plenty of opportunities to join this global community. How Wikipedia Works explains how you can make the Web’s go-to source for information even better.
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  • aims to create strong foundations and mechanisms needed to establish the most advanced collaborative and network-based industry society
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  • Rice University professor Richard Baraniuk explains the vision behind Connexions, his open-source, online education system. It cuts out the textbook, allowing teachers to share and modify course materials freely, anywhere in the world.
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  • … Created By Experts. Enhanced by Users. Free to All! We preserve the best of the old – books by leading experts that are rigorously reviewed and developed to the highest standards. Then we flip it all on its head. Our books are free online. We offer convenient, low-cost choices for students – print, audio, by-the-chapter, and more. Our books are open for instructors to mix, mash, and make their own. Our books are the hub of a social learning network where students learn from the book and each other.
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  • Der Auftrag der bpb lautet: Das Verständnis für politische Sachfragen zu fördern, das demokratische Bewusstsein zu festigen und die Bereitschaft zur politischen Mitarbeit zu stärken.
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  • intended to provide a much-needed platform for exchange of information, ideas, opinions and experiences, both inside and outside the Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) sector.
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  • some of the best Twitter sites and services the Net has to offer
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  • the EKM scenario offers users a wide range of functions to work with documents and information. It offers services to create, publish, retrieve, and share information that is distributed to different locations and backend systems. Underlying the scenario, at a technical level, is the Knowledge Management (KM) capability of SAP NetWeaver. The capability provides an infrastructure to access documents that are stored in heterogeneous, distributed repositories at a central point and offers services to handle these in a uniform manner.
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