KM News & Resources links for 2008-11-23

  • free and easy to use resources for teachers dedicated to improving the education of today’s generation of students.
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  • Drupal has evolved into a system where there are more than 7000 extension modules (and perhaps a thousand distinct themes) that are supported just by the Drupal organization itself, most contributed by outside developers who created the extensions for their own needs then contributed them to the community once the extensions reached a certain level of stability. These extensions, in turn, can be put together in a bewilderingly large number of combinations to create sites that run the gamut from blog sites to image galleries to application platforms.
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  • A recent Computerworld article, Wikis that work: Four IT departments get it right, provides early adopters success stories at Enel, ShoreBank, NYK, and SAP. The first two used Traction Team Page, NYK used Atlassian’s Confluence and the SAP example did not mention a vendor. This is a comprehensive article that goes into good detail on each example. I recommend looking at the complete coverage.
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  • Inform’s artificial intelligence and natural language processing searches millions of content pages – text, blogs. audio, video – from your site and across the web, and connects related topics and entities. These relationships form the foundation of a definitive content destination that positions your brand as a voice of authority.
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