KM News & Resources links for 2008-11-25

  • This is the home page for a repository of announcements, papers, working notes, etc. for the ANSI ad hoc group on ontology standards.
    (tags: Communities)
  • This glossary summarizes the terminology of methods and techniques for defining, sharing, and merging ontologies. These definitions, which were written by John F. Sowa, are based on discussions in the ontology working group of the NCITS T2 Committee on Information Interchange and Interpretation.
    (tags: Glossaries)
  • Enterprise 2.0 has the potential to provide knowledge and content management in a surprisingly cheap and easy fashion using Web-based tools. Learn what it’s about, what distinguishes it from consumer Web 2.0 technologies and why you should pay attention.
    (tags: Journals/Magazines Articles)
  • is designed to create a global conversation sharing evidence on critical issues related to the management of organizations. The project was conceived and developed with the Drucker Society of Japan.
    (tags: Portals Projects)
  • Mir ist in letzter Zeit aufgefallen, dass es bereits viele Kurzvideos es bereits auf Youtube gibt, die Schüler zur Unterrichtsvorbereitung oder für Referate verwenden können.
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