Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 6 (4), 2008

John S Edwards 257-259

Permanent and temporary work practices: knowledge integration and the meaning of boundary activities
Eva Maaninen-Olsson, May Wismén and Sven A Carlsson 260-273

Managing heterogeneous knowledge: a theory of external knowledge integration
Jeroen Kraaijenbrink and Fons Wijnhoven 274-286

Towards a post-human distributed cognition environment
Ali Yakhlef 287-297

A descriptive model of innovation and creativity in organizations: a synthesis of research and practice
Amar Dev Amar and Januj A Juneja 298-311

Instance-based cognitive mapping: a process for discovering a knowledge worker’s tacit mental model
David M Steiger and Natalie M Steiger 312-321

Defining the problem: key element for the success of knowledge management
Mario Barcelo-Valenzuela, Gerardo Sanchez-Schmitz, Alonso Perez-Soltero, Fernando Martín Rubio and José Palma 322-333

Strategic issues in knowledge management in small and medium enterprises
Rajesh K Pillania 334-338

The hypothesis testing knowledge blend
Ted Randles, Christopher D Blades and Adam Fadlalla 339-349

Philosophers and Knowledge Management
Knowledge management: a program for education and leadership
Heiner Müller-Merbach 350-356

Book Review
Rethinking Expertise
Reviewed by: John S Edwards 357-359

Book Review
Perspectives on intellectual capital: multidisciplinary insights into management, measurement, and reporting
Reviewed by: Pascal A J Massawe 360-361

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