Libraries serving the prosumers

[Deutscher Titel: Büchereien dienen den Prosumenten]

John Cullen
Catalyzing innovation and knowledge sharing: Librarian 2.0
Business Information Review, Vol. 25, No. 4, 253-258 (2008)

Abstract: Generation Y are the first generation to fully put the process of `prosumption’ into practice. Individuals are proactively seeking to generate and share creative outputs as a result of their online activities, and this produces a set of fundamental questions for business librarians, information management specialists and consultants: does our profession adhere to a logic of service-delivery, which is rapidly becoming obsolete in the context of service-innovation. Suggestions for how information specialists (called librarian 2.0 in this article) can participate in the creation of value for users are offered.

Key Words: generation Y • information services • innovation • knowledge sharing • libraries • prosumption

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