Organizational knowledge formation based on individual learning and organizational knowledge creation processes

[Deutscher Titel: Organisationale Wissensbildung basierend auf individuellem Lernen und organisationalen Wissenserzeugungsprozessen]

Ji Hoon Song and Thomas J. Chermack
A Theoretical Approach to the Organizational Knowledge Formation Process: Integrating the Concepts of Individual Learning and Learning Organization Culture
Human Resource Development Review, Vol. 7, No. 4, 424-442 (2008)

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to examine the link between individual learning processes and continuous organizational knowledge formation through an integrated literature review of these perspectives from both academic and practical viewpoints. In the current fierce economic environment, individual knowledge is regarded as the most valuable asset for competitive advantage. However, only when individual knowledge is accumulated and embedded into organizational culture as organizational knowledge can it be considered the critical factor for the promotion of performance improvement. In this research, two process-oriented factors—individual learning processes and organizational knowledge creation—were reviewed by means of theoretical and integrative analysis based on a lack of empirical research on the association between these two key factors and organizational performance improvement. The results of this research propose an integrated conceptual map for effective organizational performance improvement through organizational knowledge formation based on individual learning and organizational knowledge creation processes.

Key Words: individual learning process • organizational learning • learning culture • theory building approach

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