Research Policy, 37 (10), 2008 (Special Section: Knowledge Dynamics out of Balance)

[Deutscher Titel: Research Policy, 37 (10), 2008 (Spezialteil: Wissensdynamiken aus dem Gleichgewicht)]

Research Policy, Volume 37, Issue 10, Pages 1657-1926 (December 2008)

Special Section Knowledge Dynamics out of Balance: Knowledge Biased, Skewed and Unmatched (Edited by Wilfred Dolfsma, Cristina Chaminade and Jan Vang)

Knowledge dynamics out of balance: Knowledge biased, skewed and unmatched 1657-1658
Wilfred Dolfsma, Cristina Chaminade, Jan Vang

Special Issue Papers

The technology clubs: The distribution of knowledge across nations 1659-1673
Fulvio Castellacci, Daniele Archibugi

Uneven domestic knowledge bases and the success of foreign firms in the USA 1674-1683
Helena Barnard

Globalisation of knowledge production and regional innovation policy: Supporting specialized hubs in the Bangalore software industry 1684-1696
Cristina Chaminade, Jan Vang

Resolving the knowledge paradox: Knowledge-spillover entrepreneurship and economic growth 1697-1705
David B. Audretsch, Max Keilbach

Currents and sub-currents in innovation flows: Explaining innovativeness using new-product announcements 1706-1716
Wilfred Dolfsma, Gerben van der Panne

Network embeddedness and the exploration of novel technologies: Technological distance, betweenness centrality and density 1717-1731
Victor Gilsing, Bart Nooteboom, Wim Vanhaverbeke, Geert Duysters, Ad van den Oord

Growing through copying: The negative consequences of innovation on franchise network growth 1732-1741
Gabriel Szulanski, Robert J. Jensen

Regular Papers

Organizational knowledge creation and the generation of new product ideas: A behavioral approach 1742-1750
Anja Schulze, Martin Hoegl

Analysing knowledge transfer channels between universities and industry: To what degree do sectors also matter? 1837-1853
Rudi Bekkers and, Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas

University-industry knowledge and technology transfer in Switzerland: What university scientists think about co-operation with private enterprises 1865-1883
Spyros Arvanitis, Ursina Kubli, Martin Woerter

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