A graphical representation of the cycle of technological learning

[Deutscher Titel: Eine graphische Darstellung des Technologielernzykluses]

Mrio Alexandre Patrcio Martins da Silva
A model of the learning process with local knowledge externalities illustrated with an integrated graphical framework
Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Volume 18, Issue 2 2009 , pages 139 – 160

Abstract: We present a unified graphical framework accounting for the nature and impact of spillover effects. The dynamics of the learning process with a specific spillover transfer mechanism can be illustrated by referring to this four-quadrant picture. In particular, a whole cycle of technological learning is explained with the help of such a graphical representation of the basic learning process in the presence of knowledge spillovers.
We hypothesize two different functional specifications of spillover exchanges among firms within a local innovation system. Each conceivable shape for the knowledge transfer relationship among firms expresses a possible mode and intensity of information processing arising from technology spillovers. A general proposition regarding the relative efficiency of the two alternative formal models with spillover effects is derived. The basic models with spillover effects are then extended in several relevant directions.

Keywords: learning; knowledge; technology spillovers; knowledge externalities; local innovation systems

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