[Conference] Call for Contributions: Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, October 2009, China

[Deutscher Titel: [Konferenz] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Oktober 2009, China]

CIKM 2009 – ACM 18th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, October 27-31, 2009, Hong Kong, China

  • Submission deadlines: Research and Industry Track (Abstracts due: May 27, 2009), Workshops (Proposals due: March 1, 2009), Tutorials (Proposals due: July 15, 2009)

CIKM 2009 (ACM 18th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management ) will be held on October 27-31, 2009, Hong Kong. Since 1992, CIKM has successfully brought together leading researchers and developers from the database, information retrieval, and knowledge management communities. The purpose of the conference is to identify challenging problems facing the development of future knowledge and information systems, and to shape future research directions through the publication of high quality, applied and theoretical research findings.
In CIKM 2009, we will continue the tradition of promoting collaboration among multiple areas. We encourage submissions of high quality papers on all topics in the general areas of databases, information retrieval, and knowledge management.



  • Data Adaptability, Quality, Reusability and Adaptability
  • Information Integration, Data Provenance, Probabilistic Databases
  • Mobile and Distributed Data Management
  • Query Optimization
  • Security and Data Privacy
  • Semantic Web
  • Streams, Network Databases
  • String Databases, Blogs and Social Search
  • Systems, Platforms, Middleware, Applications and Experiences
  • User experience (languages, models, interfaces)
  • XML Data Processing, Filtering, Routing, and Algorithms
  • Novel Data Management Tools
  • Data Warehousing and OLAP

Information Retrieval:

  • Citation Analysis, Social Networks for IR
  • Domain-specific IR (e.g., Legal IR, Genome, Mobile IR, IR for Chemical Structures)
  • Filtering (e.g., Routing, Collaborative Filtering, Topic Tracking, Recommender systems)
  • Foundation of Information Retrieval (e.g., Theory, Ranking)
  • IR Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
  • IR Evaluation
  • Language Specific IR (Multi-Lingual, Cross-Lingual, NLP)
  • Machine Learning for IR
  • Multimedia IR (Audio, Speech, Video, Image)
  • Semi-Structured Information Retrieval
  • User Modeling for IR, Search Personalization
  • Web Search, Advertising, Adversarial

Knowledge Management:

  • Advertising and Optimization
  • Classification and Clustering
  • Data Pre- and Post-Processing
  • Information Extraction
  • Information Filtering and Recommender Systems
  • Knowledge Synthesis and Visualization
  • Large-scale Statistical Techniques
  • Link and Graph Mining
  • Semantic Techniques
  • Temporal and Spatial Data Mining
  • Text Mining

Industry Track:

  • Industrial Practice and Experience
  • Technology for Developing Regions

Important Dates for CIKM 2009

Research and Industry Track

  • Abstracts due: May 27, 2009
  • Papers due: June 3, 2009
  • Notification of Acceptance: July 15, 2009
  • Camera ready August 15, 2009


  • Proposals due: March 1, 2009
  • Notification of workshop proposal Acceptance: March 15, 2009
  • Individual workshop papers due July 20, 2009
  • Notification of Acceptance: August 10, 2009
  • Camera ready August 15, 2009


  • Proposals due: July 15, 2009
  • Notification of Acceptance: July 25, 2009

For more information go to the conference website.

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