KM News & Resources links for 2008-12-01

  • brings some common language to the discussion of capacity building and offers insights and examples of how nonprofits have pursued building up their organizational muscle. The report contributes to the growing national conversation about how to help nonprofits become stronger, more sustainable, and better able to serve their communities.
    (tags: gfwm_hilfe)
  • the web mind mapping tool that leverages the power of Mind Maps mixing new technologies like vectorial languages (SVG and VML) and the power of the whole Web 2.0 concept. No pluggin required.
    (tags: Products)
  • a kind of a mini-CMS. It is designed very simply but it can be extended easily by plugins. It comes with a plugin manager and an event dispatcher. The output is customizable by templates written directly in PHP.
    (tags: Products)
  • a non-profit organisation, develops educational material, for outreach activities with street children on the streets. These materials take into account the frame of reference of the street children and are adapted to their daily reality in their environment. Everything is based on a strategy of positive and constructive pedagogy which enables the street educator to actively listen to the children. The strategy is based on empathy and empowerment. Mobile School offers these materials to their chosen partner-organisations.
    (tags: EDU_Societies/Assoc. Edu-Level_school Edu_Videos)

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