Managed Knowledge for continuous quality improvement

[Deutscher Titel: Bewirtschaftetes Wissen für die kontinuierliche Qualitätsverbesserung]

V. Mohan Sivakumar, S.R. Devadasan, R. Murugesh, M. Arun Ruban Kumar
Knowledge Managed Quality Circle programme
International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking 2008 – Vol. 2, No.4 pp. 338 – 363

Abstract: ‘Quality Circle’ (QC) is an employee involvement technique that was once widely applied in organisations to achieve continuous quality improvement. However, QCs began to vanish soon after the world experienced knowledge and Information Technology (IT) explosions. This paper reports research work carried out to overcome this situation by developing a model named Knowledge Managed Quality Circle (KMQC). This model envisages the development of knowledge portals and a specific type of organisation to facilitate the integration of QC and Knowledge Management (KM). KMQC’s practicality was studied by applying it in a compressor manufacturing company.

Keywords: KM; knowledge management; quality circles; knowledge portals; web programming; TQM; total quality management; employee involvement; compressor manufacturing.

DOI (Link): 10.1504/IJPMB.2008.021792

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