Personnel Review, 38 (1), 2009 – interesting articles

[Deutscher Titel: Personnel Review, 38 (1), 2009 – interessante Artikel]

Michael Dickmann, Michael Müller-Camen, Clare Kelliher
Exploring standardisation and knowledge networking processes in transnational human resource management 5 – 25

  • Abstract: Purpose – It is argued that a key step in becoming a “transnational” company is to implement transnational HRM (THRM). However, what is meant by THRM and how can it be assessed? The purpose of this paper is to develop the characteristics of THRM along two dimensions: standardisation and knowledge networking, in contrast to many existing studies which focus on IHRM strategies and structures. Standardisation and knowledge networking are to be examined at both the meta and operational levels. …
  • Keywords: Human resource management, International organizations, Knowledge sharing, Standardization, Western Europe
  • Article Type: Research paper
  • Article URL:

Lindsay Redpath, Deborah Hurst, Kay Devine
Knowledge workers, managers, and contingent employment relationships 74 – 89

  • Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to compare knowledge employees’ perceptions of contingent work with their managers’ perceptions, highlighting potential differences in their respective psychological contracts which might produce dissonance in the employment relationship. …
  • Keywords: Canada, Careers, Contingent workers, Human resource management, Knowledge management, Psychological contracts
  • Article Type: Research paper
  • Article URL:

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