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On this site you get answers to frequently asked questions related to Knowledge Management News & Resources (KMN&R). If you have more questions leave a reply or contact jaegerWM.

What is KMN&R?

Originally KMN&R is a hosted blog edited by jaegerWM from mid-2006 until the end of 2008. Among other things it contains 2.300+ contributions on and related to the topic of Knowledge Management collected from hundreds of sources.

‘Knowledge Management News & Resources’ is edited by Boris Jäger (jaegerWM). The aim of this blog is to provide a broad bunch of the latest stuff in Knowledge Management from a single source. In doing so it is intended to give you a more complete picture on current issues in Knowledge Management, to facilitate your time consuming search for relevant stuff in the field, and to minimize your subscriptions to various sources helpful for Knowledge Management. Continue reading →

In August 2008 KMN&R on was ranked #1 in Pumacy Technologies AG’s KM Blogs ranking (PDF). Untill now (7/2013) the blog was visited almost 220,000 times.

What is the difference between this and the site?

Compared to KMN&R on this site is self-hosted. It is maintained continiously and comes with an advanced search filter in order to improve search results and to facilitate search. Links to external sources are checked and updated frequently, categories and tags are rearranged and added if necessary, contributions are supplemented, and faceted search allows to narrow down search results for your convenience. On the site nothing but the appearance was changed since the end of 2008.

What kind of news and resources do I find on KMN&R?

As the title of this site indicates the news and resources are on and related to the topic of Knowledge Management. Related means that… Mainly you can find… (categories)

How to search KMN&R?

Coming soon!

Why do I see 'Fatal Error: cannot access...' in the search box?

No worry, search works fine. We contacted the developer of the search plugin in order to solve this minor issue.

Who delivered content for KMN&R?

More than 320 institutions delivered content for KMN&R. View the list →

Where can I find more resources on KM?

Coming soon!

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